Our first 29 nights on the road

 In Budget

Where did we stay, how much did it cost and did we break the bank?
After our first 29 nights on the road, we found moving every couple days to be tiring. Moving is a lot of work and so is packing up all your stuff! I’ll be happy when we can ditch the car seats for the kids and don’t have to carry them any longer. Just a few more months until we can do that.  I think we are all looking forward to our month in London where we get to stay put for a while.

Here is in inventory of where we stayed and what it cost for our first 29 nights.

1 night with the in-laws in Melbourne, FL. We had hoped to do more than 1 night here, but soccer championships got in the way. Good thing we delayed, because Quinn had a championship win!

5 nights in Orlando, Hampton Inn Lake Buena Vista – paid for with points. This was paid for 120,000 HHonors points. It included free breakfast daily. 75,000 points were from a credit card bonus, 3,000 points were from the minimum spend on the credit card, and other points were transferred in from Amex / Chase. If you want to learn more about how to earn travel credits, I recommend Travelmiles101.

4 nights in Cary with friends – We love seeing our friends and can’t wait to catch up with them in Italy in June.

4 nights in DC – This was a pretty nice Airbnb, close to metro and in a decent neighborhood. , but it was so close to the capitol area that many times lyft and uber were the same price as taking the metro, I think this would only apply if there were 4 of you, less than 4 people and the metro is cheaper.

2 nights in NYC – I had some hotels.com credits (stay 10 nights, get one free), so I used 2 free nights worth of credit here. We were supposed to stay for 3 nights, but left early due to a blizzard. Check out the tour of our hotel room at the TRYP Wyndham Times Square.

2 nights in CT – 261.87 – Days Inn at Windsor Locks, we were only supposed to be here for one night, but chaned to 2 nights because of the blizzard.  The hotel was fine and we got a lot of school done because the hotel had blazing fast wifi!

1 night on an airplane – This was 80,000 BA Avois and $137 in taxes for the flight. I count this as a transportation cost, not an accomodations cost.

3 nights in Dublin – Airbnb.   This was more expensive than usual for the time of year in Dublin cause we were here for St Patrick’s Day.  Check out the video of the Airbnb in Dublin below.

7 nights near Kenmare – Airbnb, with the best view yet! Check out the tour below:

This is the road to the house, crazy for people learning to drive a manual transmission!

And the beautiful view from the cottage.  It was breathtaking!

Nights Place Cost Cost / night Per Person per night
1 Melbourne, FL $0 $0 $0
5 Orlando, FL $0 $0 $0
4 Cary, NC $0 $0 $0
4 Washington DC $564 $141 $35.25
2 New York City, NY $249.99 $125 $31.25
2 Hartford, CT $261.87 $130.94 $32.73
1 Airplane $0 $0 $0
3 Dublin, Ireland $585 $195 $48.75
7 Near Kenmare, Ireland $396.1 $56.59 $14.15
29 Total $2056.96 $70.93 $17.73

That includes housing, water, electric, gas, internet, and all bills except food. How many of you pay more than this on a monthly basis at home for these costs?

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    The young man who hosts the walkthroughs is quite talented! A very interesting post and the cost breakdown provides some good insights into travel planning to those regions.

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