Trip Prep To Do List – May 2016

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April we mostly stayed home.  We got some things done around the house.  Pretty uneventful month, except for the fact that we booked our flights to leave the US!  Beyond excited about this, but it means we need to get cracking on the rest of our list.  To be honest, I’m a little intimidated about the idea of packing up our home.


Fix up house for rent
Rent house – put on the market between Oct 2016 – Jan 2017
Rent storage unit
Move all items into storage
Get landlord home insurance
Cancel phone, internet, electric, water – when we move out
Setup FPL for renters
Setup water for renters
Sell unused stuff on Craigslist
Host garage sale
Donate stuff that’s not worth listing
Forward mail to service

Travel prep

Get passport pictures for everyone
Get new passports for everyone
Renew Driver’s license – Keith and Nicole.  Appointments set for May
Scan documents – Passports, all receipts for travel insurance claims, all travel confirmations, credit card contact numbers, birth certificates, marriage license
Purchase Travelers insurance and medical insurance – doing research now. If anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them.
Get international driver’s license
Learn to drive a manual car
Book first flights –  DONE – Booked Flights to Dublin!
Book first accommodations – Booked our first 2 places in Ireland.
Book trains and ferries for first month (Ireland / England) Bookings open 90 days out
Book car for Ireland
Book Eurostar 6 months in advance for best rates
Buy all clothes / travel items needed
Buy luggage
Pack luggage
Pack backpacks
Order business cards for trip website and emails – Keith has been working on a design for these.


Apply for homeschooling
Withdraw kids from public school
sign up for Florida Virtual School
Call Rick @ Florida Virtual School – spoke with the FLVS folks and think we are in good shape, I just need to register the kids when the time comes.
Meet with school board rep to discuss online schooling and documentation options
Get needed books for schools – looking for some suggestions here on workbooks.


Buy laptops for trip
Buy a new point and shoot camera or a DSLR – Done.   Keith selected the Sony A6300 which is a mirrorless option.
Buy 2 external hard drives for backup
Setup Skype with family/friends
Teach parents how to use Skype / Whatsapp
Get 2 unlocked phones (one BB, one Apple) – Half done here
Setup Storage on cloud drive

Buy and create a medical kit – consult a nurse about the contents
Vaccinations for everyone – make appointments at Passport Health
Eye exams for everyone
Get extra glasses for Keith and Nicole
Dental appointments for everyone
Final physicals for everyone


Open a new ATM account
Travel notices to CC companies
Change address on bills that will carry over
File taxes for FY 2016
Change paychecks for 401K contributions (Keith for 2017)
Return Camry on lease – Dec 2016
Sell Keith’s car – March 2017


Write letter of resignation – Nicole
Write letter of resignation – Keith


Going away party
Order cheap wedding bands
Get extra keys made

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