What is FLVS (Florida Virtual School) and how does it work?

FLVS is short for Florida Virtual School, which is really a fancy name for online school.  FLVS is free to those who live in Florida.  You can use it as a supplement to regular public school, in case you child wishes to take class over the summer or take a class that isn’t offered at their school.  Or you can use it as a full-time replacement for public school.  Or you can use it in Flex mode.  With both of my boys, we have chosen flex mode.  However, in elementary school and middle school flex works very differently.  I’ll go […]

What are we going to do about School

What are we doing for School for the kids? Lots of people are asking us this question. This is the area I’m worried about most on our trip. I want our kids to still get a top notch education, but I’m not a teacher and neither is Keith. Part of the trip will be an education in itself, but not in the way that traditional school is an education. We want to find a good blend between excellent homeschooling and a more formal education. We both have Science and Math educational backgrounds, so we feel that we could teach these […]