Air Travel

A Round the World Ticket was the Wrong Choice for our Family

Recently, I spent some time chatting online with another family who was looking to do some long-term travel of their own. They were debating the merits of buying a Round the World Ticket vs just buying the flights (or using award tickets) as they went. I added my two cents to this debate and explained what we did and why. What is a round the world ticket? It is a ticket that costs a fixed amount for a certain number of flights that go around the world. Each airline partner group does this a bit differently. Some limit your number […]

5 Tips on Flying with Kids

Flying with kids is always a challenge. We have flown with our boys a fair amount over the years. We have taken short 50 minute flights and long 12 hour flights. Here are a few of our tips for making the flight as peaceful as possible. Have entertainment for the kids. For older kids this might mean electronics or books. For younger kids, perhaps a coloring book, new toy, or a game. My boys like to play on their electronics or read now that they are a bit older. They also love to watch movies on the plane if we […]