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We love to travel as a family. But the kids don’t always remember everything about a vacation.  Here are a couple ways to have fun and help the kids make memories on your next family holiday.


Capturing your memories in photographs is such a wonderful way to record your family vacation.  But don’t leave all the photograph taking to the adults.  Let the kids use the camera and capture their memories too.  While we get quite a lot of awful photos, some of them turn out to be real gems.  And the beauty of digital cameras is that the kids can take hundreds of pictures without any real cost.


Make a scrapbook of your big family vacation can be great fun.  You can buy your own crafting supplies at most craft stores or you can go to a scrapbooking class. The best part about scrapbooking as a family is the chance to relive the vacation together.  If you want to create a family scrapbook, keep lots of mementos from your vacation to use in your scrapbook.


Have your kids keep a journal about your trip.  Encourage them to write each day in their journal.  Let them tape or glue in ticket stubs, maps, flowers and anything else they can think of.  This is an especially fun way to remember a trip for kids and each year their writing will grow so much.  I also encourage the kids to draw as well in their journal book.

Postcard books

We love postcards.  They are always filled with wonderful photography that I wish I could duplicate.  Let the kids buy a postcard from every place that you go.  Have them write on the back what their favorite thing was about visiting that place.  When you get home, you should have lots of postcards.  Punch holes in them and tie them together to create a “book” of postcards.  If you are going to multiple countries on your vacation, mail the postcards home to get the country postal stamp as well.


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