Trip Prep To Do List – June 2016

May is always super busy for us.  We have 4 family birthdays, mother’s day, and all the end of school year events, dances, parties, graduation ceremonies, etc.  Plus we squeezed in 2 quick trips to Disney and my husband went to Melbourne to help his parents move.  We got rid of the furniture from our guest room this month and donated it to a family friend.  We also cleaned the kids playroom and got rid of an alarming amount of toys. We had appointments for Drivers license renewals and for immunizations (see upcoming post on immunizations). House Fix up house […]

Trip Prep To Do List – March 2016

Things are starting to roll and we are getting ready for our Round the World trip!  In addition to checking things off our list, we met the fabulous Bender Family in Orlando and Keith & Nicole got away for adults only ski vacation.  It was really nice to talk with other people who are traveling full time face to face.  If you are traveling and are visiting Florida, we would love to meet up! Every purchase we make now is highly scrutinized.  Are we going to take that with us?  Are we going to store it? Can we do without […]

Learning to Drive a Manual Transmission Car

One of my goals for us before we leave for our trip is learning to drive a manual transmission car.  We want to do this for one big reason: In Europe, manual transmission car rentals are the norm.  And because they are the norm, they are vastly cheaper than an automatic transmission.   An automatic transmission vehicle can be 2-5 times more expensive than a manual transmission one.  For example, a quick search on Kayak for a car rental in Ireland for 2 weeks in March shows a manual transmission car as cheap as $2 / day.  The cheapest automatic transmission […]

Fear and Washington DC

So today, I dropped my son off a school for a field trip to Washington DC.  We live in Florida, and this field trip lasts for 3 days and 2 nights.  I’m freaking out.  There is a small part of me that is freaking out because I’m going to miss him and he is far away from us.  But mostly, I’m freaking out because he is growing up.  He is more a little man than a little boy every day. There are things that I know will happen while he is in DC that I can’t do anything about: He […]

Trip Prep To Do List – Feb 2016

This month we got a lot of things done or started. The monthly activities are only going to ramp up from here on out.  It was also a crazy month on the personal side; insane at work, a family death and funeral, a friend in the hospital, a root canal for Nicole, and a 40th Birthday for Keith. I hope February treats us a bit better! House Fix up house for rent – We met with a realtor this month to make sure we are doing all the right things to the house to make sure we can rent it. […]

Trip Prep To Do List – Jan 2016

This month, we did a lot of preparing for Christmas and our visitors over the holidays.  Fortunately, preparing for the holidays always involves a lot of cleaning and this was a good opportunity for us to get rid of some more stuff.  But, it wasn’t great for getting lots of other stuff completed on our trip prep to do list.  As of Jan 1st, 2016, we leave in 438 days.  This sounds like a long time, but I know it is going to go fast and there is a lot to do.  Welcoming in 2016 means we have to ramp […]

How much is all this going to Cost?

People keep asking me, How can you afford to do this?  How much is this trip going to cost?  Budgeting for a one week trip is hard. Budgeting for a 2+ year trip is impossible. It took me a while to figure out a methodology for how to do it. These are the steps that I took. Figure out where we were going to go and the rough time of year. The time of year matters because the cost of a place in high season can be quite different than low season. Figure out roughly how long we want to […]

Trip Prep To Do List – Dec 2015

This month, we visited Keith’s family and Universal Studios.  We also went to Barcelona, Naples, Rome, Lucca, Pisa, Cannes, and Mallorca over Thanksgiving.  Since it was a busy travel month for us, we didn’t check that many items off our list.  One big things that we did, was officially launch our site to our friends and families.  Lots of folks knew that we were planning on doing this, so it wasn’t a surprise to everyone.  Before we could launch this and put it out there, we had the small matter of telling our respective employees about our plans.  We want […]

What did our Family Europe Spring Break Cost?

I used the numbers from to give me an idea of what we should / could budget for our Family Europe Spring Break trip. There are 2 numbers on that site, a budget and a 3 Star budget. For this trip, I split the difference since we would be in hotels without kitchens much of the time. On our longer trip we will have apartments and do more cooking in. Brussels $80 for backpacker $124 for 3 star. I averaged this to $102/ per day / per person $408 budget per day Amsterdam $88 on backpacker $135 on 3 […]

Europe Spring Break – Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Getting to Paris Today we woke up early and headed back to the train station to catch our train to Paris. Once again, we got four seats facing each other with a table in between. We had a few snacks to eat this time since it was a longer train ride than the others we had taken, about 3 hours total. Getting around Paris Once we got to Paris, we purchased our 5 day metro tickets and headed to the hotel. The 4th day on our metro cards, we went to use the cards to find […]