About Us: Keith and NicoleNicole is a mom, Software Engineer, avid reader, planner, dreamer, beach lover, board game geek, musician, Florida Gator and a hater of doing laundry. She loves to collect sea shells and sea glass during walks on the beach. She is also a voracious reader of travel memoirs, science fiction, romance, historical fiction, and pretty much whatever she can get her hands on. Kindle is one her favorite inventions ever.

Keith is a dad, Software Engineer, sports fanatic, color blind artist, Fighting Irish Fan, video game enthusiast, and a loather of vegetables. He loves to write code and does so even outside for work for fun! He is also a human copy machine and can duplicate images with very little effort. Keith loves his iPad and will spend hours on it easily.

Keith and Nicole met while working at Motorola in the late 90s and were married a few years later. We have worked together twice and we love to spend our days together! We especially enjoyed being able to have lunch dates. We both enjoy sci-fi, fantasy football, action / adventure movies, board games and good food. We have traveled together and have dragged the kids to many places before this trip.

About Us: Quinn and PatrickQuinn is energetic and loves to laugh. He loves to be the center of attention and making as many (bad) jokes as possible. He can’t sit still and will frequently eat his meals standing up. He loves to read, especially Percy Jackson books. Quinn also has a special skill for asking complicated questions at bedtime.

Patrick is cuddly and loves to give hugs. He can talk a mile a minute and notices everything. He loves to snorkel and will even try and talk to you while snorkeling, through the snorkel. He inhales information and stores it in a memory bank that runs like a computer and has instant recall. That is until you ask him what he did at school that day, then he can’t remember to spell his own name.

Both boys are currently video game obsessed and would play constantly if we let them.

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