December, 2015

Cathedral Bas Apartments Barcelona Review

View from the roof of Cathedral Bas Apartments We stayed at Cathedral Bas Apartments which was an Apart-hotel. It was right in the center of the gothic quarter of Barcelona or Barri Gotic. The apartment was pretty perfect for a couple of days in Barcelona. It was easy walking distance to a ton of places. One of the kids’ favorite things is just across the street from the apartment; there was a small park next to an outdoor restaurant. Every day, sometimes more than once, we took a break for the kids to play in the park. I spent a […]

Affordable dream trips for real families

We had a ton of people read our last post on how much our trip will cost. It seems to have hit a real nerve. I got a couple emails / comments about how much money it was and it would never be affordable for real families.  I wanted to show you that this is possible for a real families, with a little planning, imagination, and hard work. Remember, our budget was for 2.25 years, at about $67,000 a year. For this exercise, we are going to plan a couple different options that are shorter and more affordable.  For those […]

How much is all this going to Cost?

People keep asking me, How can you afford to do this?  How much is this trip going to cost?  Budgeting for a one week trip is hard. Budgeting for a 2+ year trip is impossible. It took me a while to figure out a methodology for how to do it. These are the steps that I took. Figure out where we were going to go and the rough time of year. The time of year matters because the cost of a place in high season can be quite different than low season. Figure out roughly how long we want to […]

Packing for a European Cruise in Winter

All the luggage from our European Cruise I always want to be one of those people who is packed up and ready days before we need to leave for any trip. I make lists and mentally plan what clothes we need. But we never are ready until a few hours before we need to leave our house, at best. This time, we were traveling to Europe and packing for a European cruise in winter, and I didn’t want to be bogged down by extra luggage for a few reasons. When we got to Barcelona, I knew we were taking public […]

What SIM to use on a European Cruise

Three SIM My family recently went on a European Cruise. We were going to visit Spain, Italy, and France. We wanted to have data to use Google Maps to navigate and for our larger group of 7 to keep in touch if we went different ways. I went to all my favorite tech sites to see what SIM I should get for these countries. Most of the sites steered me towards using a different SIM for each country. But I didn’t really want to get 3 different SIMs. It seemed costly and needlessly complicated. I talked to a few friends […]

Universal Studios with kids who don’t like Roller Coasters

My boys love going to theme parks and have been begging us forever to take them to Universal Studios in Orlando. I haven’t been eager, because who wants to go to Universal Studios with kids who don’t like Roller Coasters? My kids like kiddie and less intense Roller Coasters like Thunder Mountain at Disney World, but neither of them like Space Mountain. With that in mind, here are our best pics for kids in Universal Studios Orlando. Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Islands of Adventure The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man This is a 3D simulation and movement […]

Trip Prep To Do List – Dec 2015

This month, we visited Keith’s family and Universal Studios.  We also went to Barcelona, Naples, Rome, Lucca, Pisa, Cannes, and Mallorca over Thanksgiving.  Since it was a busy travel month for us, we didn’t check that many items off our list.  One big things that we did, was officially launch our site to our friends and families.  Lots of folks knew that we were planning on doing this, so it wasn’t a surprise to everyone.  Before we could launch this and put it out there, we had the small matter of telling our respective employees about our plans.  We want […]