November, 2015

What are we going to do about School

What are we doing for School for the kids? Lots of people are asking us this question. This is the area I’m worried about most on our trip. I want our kids to still get a top notch education, but I’m not a teacher and neither is Keith. Part of the trip will be an education in itself, but not in the way that traditional school is an education. We want to find a good blend between excellent homeschooling and a more formal education. We both have Science and Math educational backgrounds, so we feel that we could teach these […]

Family Review of Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios

Room at the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios We have stayed at the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios twice in the last year. Our visits were in April and November of 2015.  My boys were lucky enough to receive annual passes to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure from their Grandparents for Christmas. So we went once with the grandparents and once without them.  Both visits we had a room with 2 queen beds and a spacious bathroom. Room at the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios One of the best parts about staying at this hotel is […]

What did our Family Europe Spring Break Cost?

I used the numbers from to give me an idea of what we should / could budget for our Family Europe Spring Break trip. There are 2 numbers on that site, a budget and a 3 Star budget. For this trip, I split the difference since we would be in hotels without kitchens much of the time. On our longer trip we will have apartments and do more cooking in. Brussels $80 for backpacker $124 for 3 star. I averaged this to $102/ per day / per person $408 budget per day Amsterdam $88 on backpacker $135 on 3 […]

Europe Spring Break Thoughts

Covered Gallery in Brussels As a family we really liked Brussels and Bruges. Both places were really walkable and felt very safe all the time. I have heard people say that Brussels isn’t worth your time, but it was great with kids and a very fun city to explore on foot. I will say that we had a hard time finding playgrounds for the kids to play on in the city center.   Overall it was a mellow city and any place that has French fries and waffles everywhere was a big hit with the kids.  All the chocolate shops didn’t […]

Europe Spring Break – Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Getting to Paris Today we woke up early and headed back to the train station to catch our train to Paris. Once again, we got four seats facing each other with a table in between. We had a few snacks to eat this time since it was a longer train ride than the others we had taken, about 3 hours total. Getting around Paris Once we got to Paris, we purchased our 5 day metro tickets and headed to the hotel. The 4th day on our metro cards, we went to use the cards to find […]

Europe Spring Break – Amsterdam

Getting to Amsterdam Today we woke up earlier than the previous days; we had a train to catch. I had booked our train tickets from the US and printed the tickets. We just had to show up and get on the right train in the right carriage and the right seats. It was very straight forward and easier than I expected. I had gotten four seats facing each other with a table in between. The boys played on their electronics and Keith and enjoyed talking and looking out the windows. I was surprised at how many modern windmills we saw […]

Europe Spring Break Trip – Belgium

The first stop on our Europe spring break trip was in Belgium.  We visited Brussels and Bruges over the a 3 day period. Where we stayed in Brussels We stayed at the Novotel Brussels Centre Tour Noire. We had a great room with Wi-Fi and breakfast included. My kids ate their weight in mini croissants and bacon each morning. The room was perfect for just a few days. It had a small fridge and kettle.  The main bed was comfortable and the kids had a twin trundle bed that also doubled as a sofa.  The hotel was a 2 minute […]

Trip Prep To Do List – Nov 2015

October Update: October was a clean out month for us.  We took 3 mini-van loads of stuff to goodwill and 6 boxes of books to our public library store.  We have friends coming to stay for the New Year and our guest room needs to be a guest room instead of a junk room.  We accomplished a usable guest room and a good clean out.  We will keep working on the clean out process through December. However, we probably won’t get too much done in November due to our trip to Europe. We were really lucky that TBEX North America […]