October, 2015

European Spring Break

We decided to go for Europe for our Spring break back in March. There were a couple big factors that played into this decision. First, we really liked the idea of doing a trial run of going to a bunch of different places to practice for our Round the World (RTW) trip. Second, we really love Paris and I liked the idea of going to some new places. And lastly, I found and airfare deal that got us to Europe for around $600 per person. So we were on our way! The Euro was fairly low against the US Dollar […]

Portable Kitchen Packing List

One of our goals for the trip is to stay on budget and to do this travel as affordably as possible. This means cooking most of our meals while we are on the road. As we have stayed in rental homes all over the world, I have noticed that there is a pretty large difference in how the kitchens are equipped. Some kitchens are very bare bones with little in the way of cooking utensils. This makes preparing family meals more complicated than a sandwich difficult. Other kitchens have every appliance known to man and include the use of a […]

5 Tips on Flying with Kids

Flying with kids is always a challenge. We have flown with our boys a fair amount over the years. We have taken short 50 minute flights and long 12 hour flights. Here are a few of our tips for making the flight as peaceful as possible. Have entertainment for the kids. For older kids this might mean electronics or books. For younger kids, perhaps a coloring book, new toy, or a game. My boys like to play on their electronics or read now that they are a bit older. They also love to watch movies on the plane if we […]

The Perfect Traveler’s First Aid Kit

I have been thinking about packing and packing light for this trip.  Every time I think of something for the list, I ask myself, do we really need this and can we do without it.  Sadly, the list of things to bring is longer than I want.  One thing I know we can’t do without is a first aid kit.  We do have elementary/middle school aged boys and they are active.  I want a comprehensive list, but not to carry an entire pharmacy with us.  This is what I think we will need in our kit: Acetaminophen: Adult and children’s […]

Why we are taking this trip

About 10+ years ago, I read a book called One Year Off. The idea of traveling always appealed to me, but I was intrigued of the concept of a family taking a break for a year of everyday life to take an adventure like this. I told Keith all about it and he thought it was pretty interesting. Keep in mind this was a conversation about a book I read, not a “Let’s go do this” conversation. While we didn’t talk about it very much, it never really left the back of our minds. We both kept thinking about it. […]

Special Experiences

In all of our reading, we have seen terrific things that other families have done. Some are terribly expensive, some just seem really wonderful. We want to do memorable things that the whole family will love to during our trip. Special experiences that we are interested in with the kids: • A houseboat on the Canal-du-Midi or in Burgundy in France.  Nicole’s parents may join us for this adventure. • Tuscan villa rental with friends in Italy. • A safari in South Africa, perhaps a self drive safari through Kruger. • Extended hiking in the mountains in Nepal. Thinking about […]

Trip Prep To Do List – Oct 2015

Every month, I’ll publish our To Do list for the trip and you can see the progress from month to month.  I hope this will also help keep us on track so we aren’t doing everything at the last minute. House Fix up house for rent Rent house – put on the market between Nov 2016 – Jan 2017 Rent storage unit Move all items into storage Get landlord home insurance Cancel phone, internet, electric, water – when we move out Setup FPL for renters Setup water for renters Sell unused stuff on Craig’s list Host garage sale Donate stuff […]

Keith’s Trip Goals

So when Nicole first mentioned this idea to me over 10 years ago, I wasn’t even sure it was something I wanted to do, but back then it was “just another idea”. As the years went on and she continued to discuss it and research it, I realized that this was something that was important to her. With the arrival of our children, I started to think about what a trip like this would mean to and for them. But until Nicole asked me to put together this post, I really didn’t think about what my goals were for the […]

Nicole’s Trip Goals

I wanted to write down a few of my goals for the trip.  I want to keep myself honest and on track for these goals.  Also, I think at the end of the trip it will be nice to reflect on these goals to see if I have achieved them. Spend more time together as a family. In everyday life, we both work, so we get 1-2 frantic hours with the kids in the morning filled with getting ready for school, eating breakfast etc. We also get a few hours in the evening, which are usually filled with eating dinner […]